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Advanced and Novice Changes


Novice/Amateur Show Case Event (new) 



This will start on for the April 29th Novice/Amatuer Show Case event

@carminegrips on twitter for more information


Criteria for roster building for April 29th Follow the Tiers Below


Considered Tier 1 Advanced if:

  • Top 100 Pro Points on GB System (Pro)

  • NJROD Champion

    • Examples: Oog / Simp

  • Professional / Pool Play Appearance

    • Examples: JKap / Pemby


All Tier 1 Players Must Have Three Tier 3 Players On Their Team





Considered Tier 2 Advanced if:

  • Top 250 Pro Points on GB System (Semi-Pro)

    • Example: Silpy

  • 2nd Place Finish at NJROD

    • Example: Scrappy


Maximum: Two Tier 2 Players are Allowed Per Team,

Can Also Have Three Tier 3 Players on the Team 





Considered Tier 3 Novice if:

  • Not Top 250 in Pro Points on GB System

  • No 1st or 2nd Place Finishes at NJ

    • Example: Ezie / Hotel Janitor


 *** This is For only the Past Two Events in Infinite Warfare  ***


Regular Advanced/Novice Event







​The NOVICE winner will play the ADVANCED winner in this tournament.


The ADVANCED bracket will be open to all participants upon request.

​The goal of the new bracketing system is to

  • Allow NOVICE players to start events  by playing against others on their level.  A NOVICE team is guaranteed at least second place and prize money.

  • Allows the overall community events to grow as it allows NOVICE players a more positive experience and confidence building .

  • This will mean higher turnouts and bigger payouts.

  • Allows ADVANCED players the ability to earn a higher percentage of the winnings based on their ADVANCED bracket status.


The NOVICE player will be defined as

  • A participant  that has no known positive reputation in the given community either online or offline.

  • A player that has been in the community but has not won any recognized event nor has elevated their game to the next level as a solo player or as a team member.

  • A local player that shows up to with no knowledge of the sub culture of competitive gaming whom is just starting out.


​The ADVANCED player will be defined as

  • A participant  that has a known positive reputation in the given community either online or offline.  Known Youtuber, twitter beast, on a cereal box etc.

  • A player that has been in the community has won a recognized event and has elevated their game to the next level as a solo player or as a team member.

  • Any team member that wins a KOTC event in a gaming genre will be considered ADVANCED.

  • A player that is simply well known and has won before is ADVANCED.

  • T150 in Pro Points Ranks

  • A Player that has placed T-2 at an NJ event



We will build the community by 

  • Giving the NOVICE player a training ground to gain confidence and get better.

  • Allowing the NOVICE players to get better and gain confidence for event retention.

  • This will enable the crowds will get bigger that will attract sponsorships and increase payouts

  • Allowing the ADVANCED players the opportunity to play comparable teams as they prepare to travel and compete nationally.

​How the brackets will work

  • All NOVICE teams will be on one side of the bracket and all ADVANCED teams will be on the other side.

  • A NOVICE team for 4v4s will be defined as having 3 or more NOVICE players.  For 2v2s, there must be 2 NOVICE players to be a NOVICE team.

  • An ADVANCED team for 4v4s will be defined as having 2 or more ADVANCED players.  For 2v2s, 1 or more ADVANCED player(s)  is an ADVANCED team.

  • For the overall championship there will be 2 finalists.  The ADVANCED bracket champion and the NOVICE bracket champion.  They will play each other for the grand championship.

  • The payout structure will be 1st place and 2nd place. The percentages will change depending on the winners.  A NOVICE team is guaranteed at least 2nd place.

  • If the ADVANCED bracket team wins the finals the split will be 80%-20%.  If the NOVICE bracket team wins, the final split will be 70%-30%. The advantage of being in the ADVANCED bracket is that there is a 10% payout bonus.

  • All of the WINNING TEAMS members of any event are now considered ADVANCED players for the following events.

  • The ADVANCED bracket must have at least 4 teams, if less than 4, all go into 1 large bracket.

Future events and Moving Forward

  • Players status will be documented online or at the event or both.

  • Our first event with the system will be based on past events both KOTC and other recognized organizations.

  • An ADVANCED player can play on a NOVICE 4v4 team if they pick up 3 NOVICES.

  • This technique can be valuable as it helps the NOVICE players get better and the ADVANCED player may feel that they can carry a team through a perceived EASIER BRACKET and road to the championship.



​​Two time winner rule

  • ​If any team wins 2 times within a 4 event span at our events or any other event in our area shell have to split that 4 team roster up.  The split up can not contain 3 or more of the same players, it can include 2.  This will be in effect for 2 full KOTC events and then the cycle will reset it self back to the 3 times winning formula.



  • ADDED 3/14/17

  • No team can consist of any combination of the following:


  • T150 in Pro Points Ranks

  • 2 - T2 Players per team

  • 1 - NJROD Champion per team

  • Criteria based on IW only


  • This rule was originally created in 2004 for HALO and helps us keep a competitive balance at our LOCAL events.

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