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Lateness For Matches 


We ask the players at the event to follow NJROD on Twitter as we will use a twitter as a last call for a late team.  We will call for the teams twice at the venue and once on twitter if need be.  After we have exhausted those three attempts, we have no choice but to disqualify the team in fairness to the other participants.
Thanks For Understanding


Tier System is in effect for the next 2 Events
Tiers are based on Bops 4 play only 

Each team can have a MAXIMUM OF 10 POINTS per team

Tier 1 = 5 points - Tier 2 = 3 points - Tier 3 = 1 point
Criteria for roster building for the next event - Follow the Tiers Below

Considered Tier 1 (5 points) Advanced if:
Top 100 Pro Points on GB System (Pro)
LAN Champion (NJROD or ETG, Local Lans over 20 Teams)
Examples: Oog / Simp
Professional / Pool Play Appearance
Examples: JKap / Pemby

All Tier 1 Players Must Have Two Tier 3 Players On Their Team

Considered Tier 2 (3 points) Advanced if:
Top 250 Pro Points on GB System (Semi-Pro)
Example: Silpy
2nd Place Finish at LAN (NJROD or ETG or any local with over 20 teams)
Example: Scrappy

Maximum: Three Tier 2 Players are Allowed Per Team (9 points) 
Can Also Have Three Tier 3 Players on the Team with One Tier 2 


Considered Tier 3 (1 point) Novice if:
Not Top 250 in Pro Points on GB System
No 1st or 2nd Place Finishes at NJ
Example: Ezie / Hotel Janitor


All Possible Team Combinations (10 points Maximum per team)

1 Tier 1 plus three Tier 3s (8 points)
1 Tier 1 plus one Tier 2 plus two Tier 3s (10 points)

3 Tier 2s plus one Tier 1 (10 points)
2 Tier 2s plus two Tier 3s (8 points)
1 Tier 2 plus three Tier 3s (6 points)

4 Tier 1s (4 points)

*** This is the criteria only for Bops 4 events ***

No Controller Adapters Allowed


No Cronus
No XIM 4s
No Converters Allowed
Converters are known to BURN the USB ports in consoles, rendering them useless.  With that information, we can not allow them to be used at our events.  Violators will be banned for 19 years and/or worse.
Thanks you for understanding

Call Of Duty IW - Playstation 4 Only


All Call Of Duty IW events will be played on PS4 only for the time being. 

Things That Will Get You Into Trouble At An NJ


Let us start by saying we have VERY FEW incidents at our events.  It will remain the same in 2017.
Please understand that the following are things that are not allowed at the events the penalties will vary from 1 warning to arrest and prosecution depending on the incident. If any one sees a violation, please report it to our staff immediately. 
  • No Foul Language (1 warning before penalty or ejection)
  • No Food Or Drinks In the Gaming Arena (Automatic Ejection)
  • No Cronus devices (Automatic Ejection and ban)
  • No Disrespect To Staff (Automatic Ejection)
  • No Tampering with Equipment (Lifetime Ban)
  • No Fighting (Arrest, Lifetime ban, Arrest, Arrest, Arrest)
  • Appropriate Wrist Bands must be worn at all times (Violation, 1 year ban)
  • Any unauthorized touching of an other person
  • Any other type of foolishness not mentioned

Lower Price If You Pre Register Online


The folks that pre register will receive a discount on admission.
Those that pre register will receive a $5 discount and will get first entry into the venue.  It is only fair that we reward those who help us plan ahead. 
- NJ
Please tweet @njrod if you have any suggestions or email us at
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